Miscellaneous 3d Projects

Yes. What the title says.

I finished my Brembo brakes caliper model! Yey! Well… It was modeled in Lightwave 3d 2015 and required some retopo work made in Luxology Modo.

It’s on sale at Sketchfab BTW.

Back in the day… what a way to start a paragraph. Anyway, I did this model for the PositiveGrid guys that just invented a software that could emulate whatever guitar amp you could think of… digitally. That’s quite an achievement! I was delighted to work with them. Some weeks later my heart was broken since they hired someone else to do the rest of the project. Is it because I’m mexican? LOL , nah! no hard feelings, I’ve had so much fun!

I did a set of models for the Nike Headwear configurator. Those were Low Poly models and actually the most interesting part was texturing. These needed Diffuse maps, normal maps, bump maps and alpha maps. I learned a lot from that project!

This is my band and we rock! Actually, we are a funk band, so I guess I should say “we funk!” but that doesn’t sound as intense. Anyway.

This is not a picture, it’s a render and was made by me. BTW the practice room we have doesn’t look remotely like this. Nobody smokes and that’s actually the only difference hahaha.